Representative Santa Cruz Wireless Projects:

OFDM baseband modem

  • Architecture trade-off and performance evaluation
  • Full Matlab implementation
  • Test vector generation
  • Performance analysis and specification of analog section

IS-95 CDMA tracking analysis

  • Analysis and simulation in Matlab

8 PSK air to ground burst receiver for RTCA/DO-217

  • Overall receiver architecture design
  • Very robust acquisition in presence of interferer
  • Test vectors for Analog Devices DSP implementation

ADSL Channel Model

  • Modeled in C
  • Transmit and receive with independent clocks
  • Channel anomalies: cross talk, impulsive noise, AWGN, bridged taps, echo channel generation

Spread Spectrum Cordless Telephone

  • Design, analysis and simulation in Matlab
  • Test vector generation

16 QAM, 8 PSK high rate satellite demodulator

  • 75 Mbaud
  • Architecture design
  • Performance trade-offs evaluated in Matlab and Simulink
  • Test vector generation

Spread Spectrum Satellite Link

  • Signal Design, performance analysis

Very High Data Rate Cable Modem Assessment

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